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Preparation of PP sheet before production and recycling of PP sheet waste

Before using the PP board production line to start the production of PP board, do not forget to preheat, heat the mold; The next is to adjust the opening and closing stroke, is conducive to improve the product demoulding and product feeding effect; Then the plastic sheet production line is preheated, and the condensed water and cold air during the retention period are discharged.

When the PP sheet reaches a certain level, the heating of the production line is stopped and the waste heat is used to heat the production line, which has a good effect on the surface bonding of the plastic sheet and can save energy. Then begin to vacuum, prevent the swelling of the product, at the same time can carry out the demoulding work of the product.

Production molding PP sheet in food, chemical and other fields have many applications, with the use of some PP sheet waste, in fact, these waste can also be applied, do not throw away, so as not to cause waste and unnecessary pollution.

But after the use of PP sheet waste, it is necessary to carry out reasonable and effective recycling treatment, the material products through classification, cleaning, crushing, granulation after processing and forming. Although this kind of recycling process is relatively simple, but the performance of recycled products is poor, generally can only do lower grade PP products.

Can also be used for PP sheet waste melt regeneration way, that is, the waste PP board heating melt after plasticizing, is also a simple method of recycling. Facts have proved that the use of hot compaction technology to recover waste PP sheets at 182 degrees has achieved good results

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