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PP board can meet the needs of different levels of different directions?

The test proves that the shortening rate of PP board is relatively high, usually 1.8-2.5%. And the direction uniformity of shortening rate is much better than PE-HD data. If the addition of 30% glass additive can make the shortening rate down to 0.7%, so that the homopolymer and copolymer type of PP board have excellent resistance to moisture absorption, acid and alkali corrosion, solubility.

Of course, PP board water resistance, scrubbing ability is also very strong, compared to Chen Ge can not, it is more suitable for aluminum alloy plate quality as a decorative plate. The disadvantage is that compared with metal raw materials, the service life is not as long as them. In the choice of PP board, in addition to the dealer for quality inspection certificate and product inspection certificate, but also through observation to ensure that the surface should be smooth and smooth, no crack, no knock, can be disassembled freely.

If the PP board is found damaged, it is not complicated to replace it. It only needs to remove the lamination at one end of the board, extract the board from the lamination one by one, replace the damaged board with a new board, and then press the lamination from the beginning of the equipment. When replacing however, ought to notice to reduce chromatic aberration as far as possible.

Although PP board has excellent quality assurance, but it is a chemical product, some people still think that it is not as good as natural materials, can not eliminate the toxicity and odor, also inevitably cause harm to the environment. The fact is not so, this is because the raw material of PP board is specially refined, toxic substances are completely refined, so PP board is completely non-toxic and tasteless, no stimulation to the human skin or respiratory system.

Whether as a protection board or a strengthened aesthetic plate, PP board can meet the needs of these different levels of different directions. Commonly used PP board is generally green, porcelain white, ivory, translucent, rice gray, and it can also be customized according to the specific requirements of customers to make other colors.

When the application of PP board, welding is also an inevitable link, such a plastic pipe can be welded by hot gas welding technology, the whole process is generally considered to be irreversible. Of course, it is also suitable for the use of hot plate welding, electric heating metal mold is connected to the surface of plastic parts of the thermoplastic welding process, almost applicable to all or small or large thermoplastic parts, in addition to PP board also includes the PE board.

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