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Study on cold resistant sheet ABS resin

Low temperature resistant sheet ABS resin belongs to high performance commodities, which is used very much in China. The production and manufacturing of sheet ABS resin are very high in science and technology. At present, the comprehensive performance of domestic resin can not meet the requirements of imported ABS sheet and Chinese household refrigerator. Sheet to deal with this urgent problem, applying ABS high quality application performance (plate ABS to thinning work ability is strong, natural environmental stress crack resistance performance is good, ultra-low temperature ductility good, appearance is white, high gloss, and small taste characteristics), the management system of scientific research of PB polymerization, the agglomeration of technical research, graft polymerization management system of scientific research, the cohesion of technical research, protect wet latex method SAN production process was carried out by the scientific research and other categories of content from small to generalized experimental equipment, and has been used to manufacture the PB polymerization recipe and process of low temperature resistant plate ABS standard, attached Polymerization secret recipe and process standard, graft polymerization, moisturizing emulsion method secret recipe and process standard, etc. According to the product research and development clear sheet resistance to low temperature of ABS resin generated process for moisturizing emulsion grafting - itself SAN - moisturizing emulsion SAN resin compound fertilizer process, its performance for impact compressive strength of 280-345 - J/M, with 45-49 MPa tensile strength, melt refers to 0.3 ~ 1.0 g / 10 min, 30-45% elongation rashin, thermal deformation of 82-84 degrees, rockwell hardness of 100-107 MPa, the index thoroughly do international ABS sheet product quality standards, to household refrigerator bladder production effect is good.

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